Pewter Live

2022 marks the 34th anniversary of Pewter Live Design Competition


Browse to discover pewter to its fullest potential

Discover superbly crafted pieces available to purchase directly from the exhibitors online and in the heart of the City


Encourage innovation and inspire creativity

Pewter Live 2022 entries will be on show at Pewterers’ Hall

17-19 May

Pewter Live 2022 theme


Learn about their creative journey and the story behind every piece

Explore the competition to discover how the concept of Freedom has been interpreted by the students and established designers

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Browse and learn about the exhibitors and their extraordinary pieces available to purchase online and in the Hall

Event Agenda

Talks interactive workshops session available every day 17-19 May

Register for free tickets for each day of Pewter Live 2022 here.


Encourage innovation in design

Explore the competition page and the stories behind every entry