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Pewter Live

Pewter Live’s mission is to encourage innovation in design in order to exploit pewter to its fullest potential.
The aim of the competition is to bring pewter alive; Every year, a tremendous effort and enthusiasm goes into both the students and open competition. Entrants are asked to demonstrate an understanding of pewter’s inherent qualities, its appeal and relevance to contemporary consumers of all ages and tastes.

Submission deadline: 26 January 2024

The Theme

Pewter Live 2024 is Harmony

Free Pewter for successful Student applicants

The 36th Pewter Live takes place in a very special year, The Worshipful Company of Pewterers is celebrating its 550th anniversary of holding a Royal Charter.

To mark the occasion, we will give 1KG of free pewter to the first 50 successful student entrant applicants. Please submit your idea by 26 January, the competition is free to enter for students too! Successful student entrants may apply for 1KG of pewter to bring their creation to life.

This initiative not only celebrates the rich history of pewter but also looks to the future by fostering the next generation of pewter artisans. Join us in celebrating 550 years of excellence in pewter craftsmanship!

The winners of Pewter Live 2023

Winner of The Best in Show prize and The Pewterers Award
Qiuwen Lyu

Winner of The Open Competition
Estelle Burton

Winner of The Ken Targett Award for students, sponsored by the Targett Family
Sara Lee

Winner of The Neish Memorial Award, sponsored by Patricia Neish
Sue Rawley

Winner of the City & Guilds Learner Prize
Qiuwen Lyu

Winner of the Heritage Crafts Award
Judith Godden

Winners of The Student Competition

First Prize Mia Vilcins Turning Turbines Brooch

Runner up
Emma Foster