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About Seb Lake

Seb is a third-year student at Freeman College who enjoys a range of subjects including jewellery, green woodwork and pewter work. He has used a variety of materials to craft rings, rolling pins, stools and tankards. Seb’s has recently been motivated by his mother’s journey through Buddhism, but he is often inspired by everyday life and the things he observes.

Entry description

The Citipati offering bowl is made from spun pewter with cast pewter skulls decorating the rim and a chased design in the base depicting Citipati skeletons. In Buddhism, the pair of skeletal deities are depicted dancing. Despite their outward exuberance their tale has a tragic origin but their spirits are considered the protectors of graveyards and crematoria. Seb’s ceremonial offering bowl is there to be used to appease spirits, receive wisdom or protection and acknowledge the connection to something bigger than ourselves. For Seb this brings peace and harmony.