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About this event

After a two-year absence, the 34th annual Pewter Live 2022 returned to Pewterers’ Hall on 17th – 19th May for three days of workshops, exhibitions and competitions celebrating pewter crafts and design.

For the first time Pewter Live hosted a series of free live workshops in person on contemporary pewter craft hosted by accomplished designers and industry experts. Workshops have been recorded and are available to watch on our YouTube channel.


Pewter Casting with Fleur Grenier Workshop

In this workshop participants were invited to discover just one of the many ways in which pewter can be used. Following a brief demonstration by Fleur for casting pewter, each attendee of the workshop selected a pre-made rubber mould and experienced pouring molten pewter to make a pewter casting.

Fleur is a Freeman of The Worshipful Company of Pewterers, has worked as a pewtersmith for over 20 years, combining traditional pewtersmithing skills with modern design, to create contemporary pewterware, as well as bespoke commissions and sculptures. Fleur studied at The Royal College of Art in London and has run her practise from her studio in West Sussex. Fleur also works as a sculptor her current series of work is ‘Home’, where she explores what home is and uses pewter and cast concrete in these pieces. Watch the full workshop on YouTube using the link above.

Ella McIntosh: Developing a New Body of Work

Discover the properties of pewter and to celebrate contemporary pewter and metalwork through Ella’s unique designs. Join Ella McIntosh as she presents her new series of work, showcasing at Pewter Live 2022. Having recently undertaken a period of Arts Council Development for creative practice, Ella emerges from this opportunity having developed her pewtersmithing skills leading to this new body of work. Ella will talk through the project, her inspiration behind the work with a show/tell style presentation.

Ella produces her award-winning contemporary pewter, from her studio based in Manchester, established in 2012. Her award-winning pieces for home and table are inspired by her urban environment, the properties of the material she works with and pushing the boundaries of pewter. Watch the full workshop on YouTube using the link above.

Trish Woods: A Journey to Colouring Pewter

Learn about Trish Woods’s distinctive techniques and research into colour that made her creations unique, with patinated highlights that add contrasts of colour and texture to each pewter piece.

Trish, a Freeman of The Worshipful Company of Pewterers, studied for a PhD in Design at Plymouth University researching new methods for patinating pewter. This research culminated in the development of a unique process for colouring pewter which is now a signature of her work. She has presented numerous papers on the subject both nationally and internationally. Trish received a number of honours and awards, the Fulbright Scholarship for Education, The Alex and Patricia Neish Award for Innovation and Design and The Harold Hyam Wingate Scholarship for research in Art and Design. Watch the full workshop on YouTube using the link above.

In Conversation with Andrew Tanner, Richard Abdy and Angus Patterson at Pewter Live 2022

To celebrate our partnership with the Victoria & Albert Museum for Pewter Live 2022 we hosted a fascinating conversation with Andrew Tanner, Richard Abdy and Angus Patterson. Angus is the Senior Curator of Metalwork in the Department of Decorative Art and Sculpture at the V&A. Richard is the Director of Wentworth Pewter, established in 1996 in Sheffield and Andrew is the Head of Design for Habitat. Pewtersmithing has been around since medieval times, however the biggest challenge is finding young people prepared to learn about the craft. In the panel Andrew, Richard and Angus discuss their personal experiences and shared some of the stories and ideas behind their careers. Watch the full workshop on YouTube using the link above.