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About Coby Cooper

Coby is a third-year student at Freeman College, Sheffield. He has a passion for working with materials including pewter for jewellery and metalwork. He makes a variety of items including silver rings and copper trinket boxes. He also enjoys softer crafts, particularly needle felting, where he has used his keen eye for detail to create 3D miniature sculptures. Coby often draws inspiration from his city walks and strolls in the countryside whilst listening to a variety of music genres.

Entry description

Rhythm of the Lights is a bowl inspired by Coby’s enjoyment of watching traffic lights from a distance and observing the rhythmic, harmonious sequencing of the lights to control the flow of traffic. He likens the process to the beating of a human heart and the movement of blood. Coby has used a variety of cast and sheet pewter to create his wire-framed bowl, cast pewter rods form the main shape with decorative traffic lights mounted to the top of some uprights.