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About Alice Steele

Alice Steele is a third year Designer Maker student at Hastings College. Having previously studied painting she returned to education to hone her understanding of materials and is now focussing on the study of sculptural objects for the body. Using a range of media including glass, ceramics, print and textiles allows Alice to continue developing her understanding of the viewer’s interaction with the different materials present in her work.

Entry description

Prospective Energy
‘My piece is inspired by the master sculptors and in particular Bernini’s David. Within his pose he holds so much energy that has the potential for kinetic movement even though it is encapsulated in marble. My piece recreates this idea of energy in pewter, in a wearable piece of art making the wearer both a statue and a kinetic artform. The pewter shim adorns the wearer like fabric and is folded in such a way that mimics the fabric cloth in motion, as we see on Bernini’s David.’