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About Clive Bullivant

Clive specialised in silversmithing at college and has participated in many prestigious exhibitions and awards. Recently, he has achieved seven international product design awards and three awards for silversmithing design from the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council. In 1988 he trained as a teacher and ran a large design faculty. This sparked his love of pewter. Clive left teaching in 2013 to concentrate on designing and making original pewterware.

Entry description

‘This design for a candle holder is inspired by renewable energy sources and in particular tidal and wave energy. The concept references imagery in Japanese prints. It features an adjustable balance arm from which an articulated cradle holds a candle. As this burns, the candle mass reduces and the arm rises, referencing the rise and fall of the tide. The candle holder is made of recycled pewter using traditional sand-casting and fabrication techniques and is hand-finished to minimise the use of technology.’