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About Emma-Jayne Sargent

Emma-Jayne lives in rural Sussex close to the sea. She is currently in her second year studying BA (Hons) Designer Maker at University Centre Hastings. Since her return to education, Emma-Jayne’s focus is on narrative art that tells a story either as a moment or as an on-going sequence of events. She continues to develop her work using textile, glass, ceramic and pewter bringing nostalgia, amusement, and enjoyment to the viewer.

Entry description

The Strawberry Thieves
‘Inspired by the rhyme, ‘slugs and snails and puppy dog tails’ my sculpture is cast from homegrown strawberries, tree branches and empty snail shells using reclaimed pewter. Mill-rolled strawberry leaves and sculpted snail bodies capture the moment two snails head towards their feast. It represents how my sons as little boys and keen pet snail collectors would abandon their cricket games to run up the hilly garden to our vegetable patch with their Labrador. The three would fill up with fresh, zero ‘air-mile’ food containing natural simple carbohydrate energy to grow healthy and strong boys.’