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About Estelle Burton

Estelle is a jewellery designer based on the East Sussex coast, specialising in metalsmithing and warm glass. With her background in the energy sector, Estelle blends scientific rigour and relentless experimentation in her approach to design. Through a combination of hand crafting and industrial techniques she aims to challenge ideas around what is considered desirable.

Entry description

‘My jewellery collection is inspired by DNA structures, chains and links as the powerhouse behind all living cells. Convolute is the result of an exploration of hi-energy through materiality, form and colour coupled with the use of low/residual-energy production techniques. During the casting process, harnessing the energy generated by the molten pewter, hand-sliced, faceted, and lapped waste glass inclusions were set into place, suggesting a sustainable plique-à-jour effect for the contemporary market.’