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About Gabriella Batchelor

Gabriella is a trained goldsmith who specialises in sustainable fine jewellery.
Each piece of her jewellery is designed and handmade in her own workshop using traditional tools, ancient techniques and modern technology.

From start to finish, Gabriella takes pride in creating each piece through the entire process- beginning with designing, gem sourcing to finally hand-making and setting the jewels. Although working primarily with precious metals and gemstones, Gabriella enjoys exploring materials such as pewter and the process of creating something beautiful from the raw material.

Entry description

‘Free As The Wind And Rain’

The necklace is handmade from pewter and designed to represent wind flowing with a single raindrop about to fall. The wind has been textured with sandblasting and embellished with clear gemstones set in each end. The raindrop is polished and portrayed with a blue pear topaz. The chain and catch are made from sterling silver.