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About Sebastian Keller

Sebastian Keller is a hobby pewterer from Moosburg, Germany. After studying European Ethnology he started a career as copywriter, translator and occasional movie projectionist. He has written some novels and a PhD thesis on medieval European sword fighting, and has only lived in places that start with ‘Frei- / Frey-’ or end with ‘-burg’ (with the exception of Stromness, Orkney).

Sebastian likes all things malleable like pancake batter, paper mache, and of course, pewter.

Entry description

A blooming potato plant adorns this chip fork. Handmade in small-scale production it is intended as a gift for French fries aficionados who prefer reusable over disposable items. It commemorates the invention of the chip fork about 100 years ago and shows pewter as alternative to familiar but sometimes problematic materials.