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About Alice Lawson

Alice is a 2nd year Designer Maker student at Hastings College. Having previously studied painting she returned to education to hone her understanding of materials and is now focussing on the study of body sculptural objects. Utilising a range of mediums including glass, ceramics, print and textiles allows Alice to continue developing her understanding of the viewers’ interaction with the different materials present in her work.

Entry description

‘The Tree of life’ is an ornamental body sculpture. Examining humanities relationship with nature, it represents how we are living in a progressive era of freedom but are trapping ourselves on a planet with a finite life span due to our mistreatment.
Brushed pewter mimics the texture of bark on a tree and the cast pewter branches are a visual representation of our encapsulation of the planet in an irreversible change.
The body ornament wraps around the arm and balances on the shoulder, displaying its fragility and awareness to the wearer.