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About Alice Steele

Alice Steele is currently undertaking a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in Jewellery and Metalwork. Her work is material-based and anthropological in nature. Alice aims to portray meaning within her work in metal. Alice is a previous award winner at Pewter Live.

Entry description

This musical instrument is called an ocarina. It champions the unifying power of harmony. In a time of such fraught communication in the world, music transcends borders and languages, bringing unity and connection. Ionian, or the major scale, is one of the most commonly used scales in western music. The inclusion of the Ouroboros, an ancient emblem representing harmony, adds a deeper layer to the instrument’s significance. Beyond providing musical enjoyment, this piece holds a symbolic reminder for reflection on the less fortunate, encouraging thoughts on collective well-being and the pursuit of harmonious co-existence.