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About Amanda Pattenden

Amanda lives in Battle, East Sussex and is in the middle of a part time BA(Hons) Designer Maker degree.

Having a passion for the outdoors and all things wild and free, she began foraging wild fibres, random weaving and natural dyeing during the pandemic. By challenging herself, Amanda has attempted to bring random weaving techniques to pewter, to tell the story of that cry for freedom in all of us.

“ I have been amazed at what I could create with the pewter, it has been an intriguing and sometimes challenging journey but so worth it. I have a deep love and respect for pewter and what it allowed me to do to it !”

Entry description

My piece is inspired by random weaving in basketry and the freedom that flows from this process. The pewter sheet is cut and rolled into weavable and manageable strips and the collaboration begins. The beautiful quality of continuous malleability enables the piece freedom to move even after creating