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About Anke Rainbow

Anke Rainbow creates quirky and unique artworks and jewellery. Her work is inspired by love and life and landmarks and locations. She crafts richly textured mementos of cherished places especially in the north east of England and her favourite destination, Scotland. Anke works with preloved and reworked metals including pewter and mixed media. Anke loves to recycle, reclaim, or upcycle materials as much as possible.

Entry description

My happy harmony hearts take inspiration from my happy place, Scotland, where I feel in harmony with myself. Each piece is adorned with crystals representing harmony: green aventurine, rose quartz, and Scottish amethyst. They capture diverse Scottish textures including Aberdeenshire driftwood and are inspired by the Outlander Series landscapes of Lallybroch and the Isle of Skye fairy pools. Set in my favourite heart shape, they bring Scottish harmony and happiness to lovers of crystals.