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Charlotte Newton

Charlotte is currently a second year Product Design student at Buckinghamshire New University with a passion for ceramics. Her work is predominantly focused on aesthetics and she especially enjoys experimenting with unique forms and pigments to catch the eye. She is always on the lookout for new processes and is highly motivated by obstacles presented in working with certain materials.

Outside of her studies, Charlotte takes joy in creating quirky polymer clay earrings for her small business, Newt’s Cove, often sculpting fun food items like croissants, peaches, and avocados. Charlotte’s potential goal is to expand this business to provide other jewellery options with more enchanting charms.

Charlotte also occasionally takes part in the world of cosplay, having made several ambitious costumes including a full Iron Man suit, which she won an award for at the London Super Comic Convention.

From time to time, Charlotte will also pick up commissions for book illustrations, business cards, maps, and posters. Using both digital and physical techniques to design artwork for others, she loves to experiment with these processes to expand her knowledge as much as possible.

Entry description

“This punch bowl is a combination of pewter and ceramics. After looking into 1920s events, the Mississippi River Flood in 1927 inspired me to link the events of the 1920s and our current time to shed light on pollution. The slip-casted bowl has been carved with river inlays and filled with pewter to resemble a selection of the most polluted rivers in the world in 2020: The Mississippi River, the Jordan River, the Citarum River, the Ganges River, Chaohu Lake, and the Indus River. The spherical form resembles our globe painted with a blue/green glaze to represent the hues of water while being held by a pewter base.”