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About Dirk Hamblok

Dirk Hamblok has been fascinated all his life by the idea of flying, space, infinity or rather: the desire for unlimited freedom.
This is almost always reflected in his artworks and he has therefore also done art studies.
Representing the sense of the possibilities in the space without a single boundary or limitation.
He draws and makes wings from a very young age – builds his own rocket, his own wings to carry…, sculpted a wooden astronaut and made a maple seed in aluminum designed as a 4-meter long airplane wing.
The material used is always very important for the execution.
In this case he makes use of pewter and the ability to manually make a form in clay and then pour it into a mould.
The specific gravity of tin in his latest work is in absolute contrast to the idea of “flying”, also the low melting point with underlying reference to Icarus.
Looking at the reverse, a deeper bottom and meaning can always be found in his works of art.
A common thread is also the idea to be able to fly, to convey the freedom through his visual language. At the same time, you are looking the confirmation of the “not flying” and the “human limitations”.
It is ultimately an inverted representation of a finding. The positive note, however, is that when you look, you also feel the freedom and the longing for it, the viewer is taken on his journey.

Entry description

You’re looking at the idea of freedom – one angelwing in pewter. To fly you need two wings.
Has he stopped flying – his wing framed and laid out?
Pewter is totally inadequate to make a real one because it is too heavy.
You are in fact looking at the opposite you are not flying but you have the desire for freedom and the desire to by depicting the idea of being able to fly! Earthly human beings have not been given wings – so you also look at your own limitation – but with the consideration that you could fly symbolically – and be free!
Materials : pewter casted in a plaster mould + wooden frame