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About Ella McIntosh

Established in 2012, based at Manchester Craft and Design Centre, Ella handcrafts contemporary pewter using skilled metalsmithing techniques, often pushing the boundaries of pewter and her craft.

Inspired by the urban landscape of old buildings butted up to new developments and the chimney landscape of the northern mill towns she grew up in. Ella uses this inspiration to drive texture contrast in her work, stripping back embellishment to celebrate contemporary pewter for your home and table.

Entry description

A collection of new work born of the freedom to develop my pewtersmithing practice with a recently awarded Arts Council Grant allowing me to learn new skills and create a new body of work.
This work is directly inspired by the joy of rediscovering my urban landscape of Manchester in post lockdown freedom.
The contemporary group of sculptures/vessels will be made completely from pewter using a combination of cast and sheet techniques inspired by the urban textures and structures I cycle and walk past every day to reach my studio which was closed during coronavirus lockdown.
I’m currently at the beginning of designing this new body of work. The presentation attached is to show my inspiration images and rough mock ups with my intended outcomes. However, the final pieces may differ in appearance as the collection develops during the making stage.