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About Emma-Jayne Sargent

Emma-Jayne Sargent lives in rural Sussex and is in her final year of a BA (Hons) Designer Maker degree course. She combines her love of pewter with other materials using disciplines and skills honed during her studies at Hastings College. Her ability to use numerous materials allows her to be versatile in creating narrative art pieces.

Entry description

Tea and biscuits celebrates how the British love both tea and biscuits. When sitting down together at happy gatherings or during difficult conversations, sharing this simple meal can create harmony and strong bonds, human to human. Cast into moulds created by Emma-Jayne, the biscuits are finished using resin, brass and glass. A pewter tea bag accompanies a china tea cup and tea plate decorated using the deconstructed coat of arms of the Pewterers Company as it celebrates its 550th anniversary in 2024.