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About James Albosh

James is second year student at Buckinghamshire New University studying BSc Product Design. James has a passion for practical design, and focuses on product functionality, though he has found that design aesthetics make products easier to use and adds functionality to the product. For the competition James has gone beyond his comfort zone to create a piece driven by aesthetics.

Although James has had limited experience with Pewter or jewellery making prior to this competition, he has found this challenge to be extremely interesting, and would like to explore pewter crafts in further in future projects. He believes that it works especially well as a centre piece for jewellery, as it provides an excellent medium for conveying a makers creative flair.

Outside of his studies at BNU, James enjoys learning about history. In particular, he enjoys researching military, political and cultural aspects of history to see the influence they have on the world today. James also likes to observe the events from the perspectives of all parties involved, so that he may get a better understanding on the historical point in question. James enjoys crafting various display stands for a range of items and is currently producing one for a short sword.

Entry description

This piece is a pendent inspired by the black shadows of people who were vaporized by the nuclear bombs dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WW2. This represents the price of freedom and how one’s own freedom effects other people’s lives.