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About Jonathan Daniels

Jonathan Daniels is a metalsmith and gilder living in the small town of Totnes in Devon. Jonathan has previously entered Pewter Live as a student working towards his BA Hons at South Devon College and Plymouth College of Arts. He has won in the decorative arts category in 2013 with the “Thames Vessel” and again in 2014 with “A Little Twist”.
Jonathan has a small workshop at home where he spends much of his spare time restoring antique mirrors, producing gilded artworks and a small amount of hand raised pewter pieces.

Entry description

An ornamental hand raised Fedora hat was worn by many men in the 1920s including a Mr William McCoy, a famous bootlegger  The exterior patriated using Nitric Acid to give the look of grey felt, the interior and band polished. A small plaque with the hat reads “The real McCoy”