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About Joy Wiltshire

Joy Wiltshire was born in The Hague with a love of travel and nature. Through the years she has had a career as an Environmental Designer and completed a teaching degree as a mature student, squeezing time for creative exploration and designing with mixed materials. These days Joy is a mixed media artist and finding pewter, this most versatile of materials, has given her endless pleasure and opportunities. Her love for the natural world, particularly the seashore, has influenced her work.

Entry 1 description

A 3D design for a freestanding, illuminated centrepiece, using sea-scape creativity to produce a functional/decorative TABLE LIGHT. Handcrafted in pewter using a range of techniques and tools with a piece of driftwood as support that also incorporates a strip of LED’s. The sculptural piece would enhance many a place/makes a special gift. See design sheet for full explanation.

Entry 2 description

A 3D decorative, freestanding, Eye-catching piece shows a Kingfisher ‘fishing’ in a pond – really demonstrating the amazing versatility of pewter. The 3D Kingfisher, in its environmental pond setting, are creatively handcrafted using a range of techniques. A small branch is used as support. The sculptured piece would enhance many a place and makes for a special gift INSPIRATION – ‘freedom’ came from my parents’ pond!