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About Joy Wiltshire

Joy Wiltshire was born in The Hague and has a love of travel and nature. She was an Environmental Designer and completed a teaching degree as a mature student, squeezing time for creative exploration. Joy is a mixed media artist and pewter, this most versatile of materials, has given her endless pleasure and opportunities. Her love for the natural world, particularly the seashore, influences her work.

Entry description

Bird on the Run (Sculptural Pheasant)
‘I was encouraged by a visit last year to see pewter at the V&A to push the boundaries of fabulous, versatile pewter to create unique fine art sculptural forms. The pheasant was challenging to put together to suggest movement, proportion and layered feathers. This is a decorative piece with many possible settings and it stands on a small oak base.’

L’eau de la Vie (Set of 6 Coasters)
‘These coasters are designed to enhance any private or corporate entertainment setting or serve as a gift. They include cut-outs, texturing and high shine areas and can be simplified to meet manufacturing requirements.’