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About Judith Godden

Judith first came to work with pewter more than ten years ago through an interest in jewellery making, and was soon converted. She has always admired the work of the Glasgow Girls and the natural forms and flowing lines of the Art Nouveau period. This, in combination with a love of nature and the seashore which surrounds her, strongly influences Judith’s designs.

Judith’s background in science and medicine is unusual, but working in pewter gives an artistic and practical outlet that is very rewarding. She enjoys experimenting and exploring different styles and techniques and continually learning new things.

Entry description

A time travelling clock depicting the excitement of travel, industrialisation and design in the 1920’s,  moving forward to the 2020’s depicting a more circumspect approach due to climate change with the burning forest in the spectre of COVID.  Human ingenuity is now the theme with science and medicine helping us find the answers.