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About Madeline Lois Poole

Growing up in rural south-east England in Hastings, Maddie has always been influenced and enticed by the natural world and incorporates themes of her surrounding environment into her work. Maddie began a Designer Maker BA course in 2020. Although Maddie is a ceramicist at heart, she has taken a keen interest in pewter due to its ethereal properties and characteristics and she is excited to begin exploring a variety of materials.

Entry description

This collection of spoons provides decorative function for anyone who wants to switch up their cutlery drawer and add a burst of colour to their metalware. The eight pewter spoons form a collection that represents the Earth’s Solar System, each spoon adorning an opaque, enamel planet on the handle which is bold and vibrant. The spoons were made by pouring pewter into a handmade mould. The enamel planets are soldered on and then the spoons are polished. The goal of Solar Spoons is to shed light on how the planets work in harmony, alongside a centrifugal force, to keep the planets, and us, in orbit.