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About Melanie Guy

Following a career in education, Melanie has developed designs in metal and other resistant materials. Melanie’s themes stem from the natural world. An influential period was when she lived on the ocean, cruise-sailing and enveloped in the elements and weather, now translated into signature pieces for interior design environments. Memories recur to inspire her.
Since 2006, she has been using pewter which is a sensitive, soft metal with special qualities. She sometimes uses chemicals to develop tonal work and applied metal leaf or powders which add colour and richness. Her panels are animated by contours reflecting light, suggesting passing of time, fluidity, change and development.
She works in different ways and is an Hon. member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen; an invited member of Plymouth Society of Artists and a member South West Sculptors.

The piece for Pewter Live 2022 reflects the sense of freedom of thought and the transference of ideas by the sublime zeitgeist of these times of dramatic change of economy, society and climate. I reflect on the subtle, quantum qualities of conscious and subconscious thought as ideas swell and bloom through societal changes and holistic interactivity.
I use these mark-making skills with chemicals and metal powders on pewter, aiming to express an empathy with Nature, its beauty and its infinite energy.

Entry description

‘Mental Link’ began in a spontaneous way, it was not designed on paper. Freedom to work as an artist is within the process and this carries through with the curator’s freedom to hang the wall piece from any of the of five angles that are available. This fluidity is typical of that in Nature and also in the human condition.

Using mark-making skills with chemicals and metal powders on pewter, ‘Mental Link’ reflects the sense of evolution of cultural thought and ideas that flow within the sublime zeitgeist of these times. The dramatic changes in society, economy and climate come from the subtle, quantum qualities of conscious and subconscious concepts which might swell and bloom through holistic interactivity.