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About Mia Vilcins

Mia is a second year Fashion Jewellery student at London College of Fashion, UAL.

Mia has been making Jewellery alongside her career for many years, and has recently returned to education to further her knowledge and making capabilities, including recently working work pewter for the first time.

Mia enjoys creating wearable pieces that include elements of nature, history, nostalgia and storytelling, and is exploring themes of sustainability
and how we affect the planet that we live on.

Entry 1 description

Mia has two designs shortlisted for Pewter Live 2022.

The first design is inspired by the 1993 movie ‘Free Willy’, where an Orca Whale in captivity is freed with the help of young boy.

A hit of fun nostalgia of a childhood film, but one also with a deeper message of freedom for animals.
A jewellery piece that recalls when we first become aware of the plight of animals in captivity, and how we humans affect the planet for all living things.

A Kinetic bracelet, that has Willy the Orca whale moving around the band, and the boy Jesse celebrating the escape, just as in the happy ending of the film.

Entry 2 description

Caged bird earrings

The second design includes the iconic motif of a caged bird as a symbol of oppression, and a bird in flight as an instantly recognisable notion of freedom.

Taking inspiration from the writing of Maya Angelou, these changeable earrings feature both states for the bird, with interchangeable elements of a bird, cage, and wings in flight, the idea of hope for the future.

The wearer can choose to keep the bird caged or set it free, depending on how they feel on their own journey from oppression to freedom.