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About Mia Vilcins

Mia has been making jewellery for many years and has recently returned to education to further her knowledge and capabilities, including working with pewter for the first time. She is currently in her third year as a Fashion Jewellery student at London College of Fashion, UAL. Mia enjoys creating wearable items that include elements of nature, history, nostalgia and storytelling. She is currently exploring themes of sustainability and how we impact on our planet.

Entry description

Turning Turbines Brooch
‘This brooch depicts a serene landscape dotted with turbines harnessing wind energy. Textured and cut-out sections of sheet pewter are layered to form the picture, set together with cold-connection rivets. Upcycled toy parts provide movement and a traditional steel brooch pin is crafted on the reverse to secure clothing. The blades of the miniature turbines of this statement jewellery rotate, echoing how the real-life turbine structures convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy.’

Solar Power Pair of Pins
‘Twin pewter brooches of a solar panel and sun are linked by gold-plated chains representing the golden rays of energy that can provide power. The cast sun glistens with a golden hue from the inclusion of gold leaf and the sheet metal solar cells reflect blue-black with a layer of acrylic. Designed to be worn together, this statement jewellery set tells a story of harnessing the sun’s energy for generating renewable electricity.’