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About Mia Vilcins

Mia is a designer-maker based in London, currently studying on the Jewellery and Metal Masters course at Royal College of Art. Mia recently graduated from the Fashion Jewellery BA course at University of the Arts London in 2023, where she first discovered the joys of working in pewter. Mia creates whimsical works that include elements of storytelling and nostalgia, inspired by nature and history. Her pieces often include creatures or characters, thoughtful use of materials, and moving parts.

Entry description

The clownfish and anemone have perfected the art of living together, a harmonious relationship protecting and benefitting from each other. Symbiosis is a layered sheet pewter brooch, with textured anemone sections and moving clownfish centrepiece, confidently on display, but able to swim within the protective anemone when it needs to hide.