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About Nadine Vanoost

Nadine is clearly, and not surprisingly, in love with pewter and porcelain. She set up a home with a gallery and studio in the heart of Tongeren, the oldest city in Belgium. She is mostly self taught after taking a basic silversmithing course with a local goldsmith. Her work is artisanal and challenges the bland anonymity of industrial production. Nadine loves researching and developing new bodies of work that are interdisciplinary and multimedia, altering traditionally made pieces.

Nadine won the ABPC Commercial Prize Award at Pewter Live 2018 for the Gala Zahra aperitif set. She has participated in a few exhibitions since: Pewter Now 2019 at the Kelham Island Museum and the Manchester Craft & Design Centre and Belgium Art & Design 2019 at the Floraliënhal in Gent, Belgium.

Entry description

Swan song is a Greek metaphor for a final performance. I see the Swan Song as the end of an era. And rebirth. Only you can decide that nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. My hometown Tongeren is the oldest city of Belgium, it dates back to Roman times. I love living here. There is so much history, so much to see and do. We have fabulous museums, most beautiful nature, fields and orchards, We have the best Sunday antique market! I want the forgotten symbol of Tongeren, the swan, to be a symbol of rebirth.The gracefulness of their flight, as if a rare sort of magic lifts their wings. A little bit of magic for Tongeren. Come visit us! – This is a set of a small pewter plate with a porcelain tumbler, to be used for cake & tea or aperitif snacks & wine.

A special thanks to Christian Stevens from the local pewter factory Etain St Lambert, who assisted me in the making of the Swan Song pewter plate.