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About Nicola Canavan

Nicola is currently in her second year of a B.A. Hons degree at the University Centre Hastings. Having previously studied textiles, she has recently discovered her enthusiasm for metal and its multi-faceted qualities. She is an experimental, mixed-media maker combining metal, textiles, and glass. Her exploration of pewter is new to her and she finds inspiration in creating metal pieces that imitate the folds, movement and qualities of fabric.

Entry description

These pieces of jewellery are inspired by the harmonious moment the wind hits a sail and transports a vessel through the ocean. Recalling Viking water burials and Egyptian funeral rituals, they also echo the moment of harmony as the soul begins its journey to the afterlife. Using the opencast method I have created free-flowing pewter forms and shaped them into wearable bangles. By transforming sentimental items of clothing representative of shrouds and sails, I have reinvented them in different forms. This is the harmonious moment of letting go when the old is cast adrift, summoning the flow of the new.