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About Qiuwen Lyu

Qiuwen Lyu is a second year BA Fashion Jewellery student at London College of Fashion. Qiuwen aims to make jewellery that is powerful enough to motivate the audience to think. Her interests in history and philosophy inspire her to focus on the narrative and conceptual nature of jewellery, creating wearable sculptures that deconstruct reality.

Entry description

I Swallowed a Metal Moon
‘I created this kinetic necklace to commemorate the poet, Lizhi Xu. I was inspired by a poem in which he wrote, ‘I swallowed a metal moon/ they called it a screw.’ My design is a cut-away moon, with a gear and screws on the front. As an assembly worker, Lizhi was the ‘fuel’ of the industrial age but his harsh life didn’t deplete his energy which he poured into poetry. I used 3D printing to print out components in wax and cast them in pewter. There is a bearing inside to make the front part rotate.’