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About Rebecca Walklett

A degree in three-dimensional design and a Masters in Contemporary Craft has equipped Rebecca with the skills to design and make a variety of decorative work. Using copper and pewter that alludes to the industrial heritage of Cornwall where she lives, Rebecca creates boxes, bowls and vessels. The copper is often patinated to produce a range of strong, earthy colours that contrast with the soft sheen of pewter.

Entry description

Using the idea of Harmony being ‘parts combined into a pleasing whole’, the two raised bowls in pewter and copper are opposites and complimentary. The diameter of the inner bowl is 8 cm and the outer 13 cm. These measurements are drawn from the mathematical sequencing of the ‘Fibonacci spiral’, a diagrammatic rendering that creates an infinite spiral based on numbers that are the sum of the two preceding ones. Fibonacci’s sequence includes the numbers 5, 8 and 13. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician from Pisa, who first published his sequence in his book, Liber Abaci, in 1202.