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About Richard Reeve

Richard Reeve is a South Yorkshire based designer maker and has been working with pewter for a number of years producing limited edition bespoke pieces. He works with pewter in a number of different ways from spinning on a lathe to producing moulds and casting. Richard ‘s work
often uses pewter as the sole material but occasionally incorporates other materials such as wood and glass.

Inspired by his surroundings and fascination with railways and industrial architecture, Richard works in a beautiful old converted factory with big windows looking out onto a cobbled courtyard where steam boilers once stood and the chimney still remains. He has developed a passion for working with pewter as it matches his creative needs and is so versatile.

Entry description

Sculptural piece – Carved burnt wood, cast pewter, repoussé, spinning trimmings and gold leaf. Representing nature’s freedom and versatility by growing in random places and a reminder of the coexistence, also links with child hood innocence catching a floating seed and making a wish before releasing it to come true.