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About Ruochong Cheng

Ruochong is in his third year at London College of Fashion, specializing in Fashion Jewellery. He is deeply intrigued by hermit culture and poetry, aiming to capture their essence through his designs. By infusing the serene life of hermits and the profound spirituality of their poetry into his creations, he aspires to offer solace to urban dwellers, inviting them into a world of rich, revitalizing energy.

Entry description

These pieces of jewellery are inspired by the harmonious moment the wind hits a sail and transports a vessel through the ocean. Recalling Viking water burials and Egyptian funeral rituals, they also echo the moment of harmony as the soul begins its journey to the afterlife. Using the opencast method I have created free-flowing pewter forms and shaped them into wearable bangles. By transforming sentimental items of clothing representative of shrouds and sails, I have reinvented them in different forms. This is the harmonious moment of letting go when the old is cast adrift, summoning the flow of the new.

This piece draws inspiration from a seemingly conflicting yet harmonious mountain garden cultivated by hermits. It seeks to convey the richness and inclusiveness of the hermit’s world. It was crafted primarily from pewter cast from 3D modelling, combined with a steel pin, and is a statement piece of narrative jewellery.