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About ShaoHuang Huang

Shao Huang Huang is a second-year student at Buckinghamshire New University studying Product Design. Shao is a keen maker with a passion for manufacturing methods and a range of artistic and functional projects. Frequently curious, he is fascinated by new craft and production methods and is regularly expanding his repertoire of production techniques.

Shao considers craft and art to be a prominent aspect of his identity and has engaged with a wide range of skill building events and experiments throughout his life. From a young age he has pursued his love of art and design and has since worked with a range of material types including wood, ceramic, sheet metal and pewter, to name just a few.

In design Shao believes the function follows form, exploring methods of making a design be more than just a product, but also a piece of artwork. After the university, he would like to have the opportunity to express his passion of combine art and product, and explore wider manufacture techniques.

Entry description

For me, leave whenever you want is one way of freedom. Therefore, my design is a clock surround by pewter wings, dove, and leaf, as they represent the meaning of no restriction and free to go. The clock centre will be made of acrylic sheet, with laser cut roman numerals.