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About Sue Rawley

Sue Rawley is a repoussé artist living in London. Sue designs and creates handmade furniture, mirrors and beautiful boxes with repoussé sheet pewter, embellished with semi-precious stones, crystals and agate. Each piece is an exclusive creation designed and produced by Sue in her magical London studio. Sue is influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement and Art Nouveau, her favourite Art periods. She finds inspiration for her work through the beauty of nature and draws energy from the crystals she uses in her pieces.

Entry description

The 1920s is such an inspiring time for any artist. For this piece, I focused on the periods of rapid industrial and prosperity growth.

It was a time of introducing new trends in lifestyle and culture, which represents in my frame the bold simplicity and geometric design of those times. The dancing figures display the ‘Good Times’ people were all having. The piece is embossed & engraved with the pewter designs mounting on wood and inlaid Hematite stones and crystals.