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About Thanapond Sukthana

Thanapond Sukthana was born and raised in Thailand. She considers herself a designer, a maker and an artist who has experiences from various backgrounds. Majoring in fashion design  undergraduate degree, she spent a year as a creative assistant in a jewellery design company and she is currently studying for her master’s degree in Designer Maker course, at Camberwell College of Art, UAL.

Her master’s degree project was influenced by her interest in shiny materials and the relationship between human and shiny objects. Her inspiration comes from her experience as a creative assistant in a Jewellery design company. For Pewter Live 2021 competition she has created a fan that enhances the shiny quality of pewter under the theme of Roaring 20s.

Entry description

Fixed hand held fan made from high polished mirror effect pewter sheet. By weaving the fan – the light’s reflection will randomly move from one part to the other creating a glimmering effect that harmonises with the hand’s movement. With the emphasis of a shiny surface this fan is celebrating the beauty of pewter and the versatility of this wonderful metal.